Welcome! My name is Queenie Degruytere. I am a massage therapist and health coach in Huldenberg - between Brussels and Leuven.

My passion is helping people to find a bit of tranquillity in our hectic world, through massage and coaching. Listening, brainstorming about ways to make positive changes in your life, or just helping you to relax physically by means of a massage in a safe and warm environment... that is what I am about.


Swedish relaxation massage

The classic Swedish massage relaxes body and spirit. The different massage techniques are performed with a soft, neutral oil. As the tension in your muscles fades, you can feel all stress just melting away.

  • full body: 75 minutes: 60 euro
  • full body: 90 minutes: 70 euro
  • back, neck, shoulders: 40 minutes: 40 euro
  • legs and feet: 40 minutes: 40 euro


Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage equals ultimate relaxation! The massage is performed with warm vulcanic stones. These are placed on the body but are also used for massaging. This way, the muscles can easily absorb the heat and, as a result, relax completely. Bliss!

  • full body: 75 minutes: 70 euro
  • back, neck and shoulders: 40 minutes: 50 euro


Zen massage

Do you want to enjoy the pure relaxation of massage but are you hesitant about the oil, and you even prefer to keep your clothes on? Then our Zen massage is perfect for you! In this option, we focus on the head, the neck, the arms/hands and the feet. These are places where tension tends to build up. Because of the numerous nerve endings, massaging these body parts has an extraordinarily soothing and relaxing effect on the entire body.

  • head, neck, arms, hands and feet: 60 minutes: 50 euro
  • no oils are used, no need to disrobe.


Chair massage:

  • massage of back, neck and shoulders while seated on an ergonomic chair. No oils are used as the massage is performed on the clothes. Classic massage techniques are combined with pressure points.
  • 25 minutes: 25 euro
  • Also possible on location (travel fee may apply).




All sessions are by appointment only. Book via info@innerlijkerust.be or 0479 37 49 62.

Appointments take place in my practice (Keienveld 22, Huldenberg) on week days and -evenings and some Saturdays. Get in touch to enquire about availabilities.

Coaching: working method

Coaching involves charting your current situation, exploring your wants and needs, determining your goals and considering the necessary actions. This way, we create a fully personalized program that will motivate you to achieve the desired changes and celebrate your success!


A first coaching session takes about one and a half hour and is 60 euro. We explore your question and possible solutions.
Sessions 2, 3 and 4 take one hour and are 50 euro per session. You determine how much time we leave between sessions (maximum 4 weeks).
For session 5 and any following (if needed), we meet for half an hour to evaluate your progress and to adjust where needed. This is 25 euro per session.

You can decide to stop the program at any time.


Appointments take place in my practice (Keienveld 22, Huldenberg). Coaching sessions via Skype or Facetime are also possible.

Contact me

For appointments and enquiries, you can contact me at info@innerlijkerust.be or +32 (0)479 37 49 62.