Welcome! My name is Queenie Degruytere. I am a health coach in Huldenberg - between Brussels and Leuven.

I help people to feel better by assisting them in making positive changes in their life. Step by step we stride towards a balanced lifestyle with healthy habits, resulting in a better self-image and more self-esteem.

I became interested in coaching techniques during my career as a professional dancer. Teaching women how to dance, I noticed how many of us are struggling with our health goals and releasing stress, but also with our self-acceptance and self-worth.
While dancing already helps to overcome these issues, I wanted to take it further.

In 2016 I completed a 3 year training to become a certified coach, including massage training. Since then, I have been helping people to change their life.

I can help you to...

- find a better work-life balance
- deal with stress
- develop resilience, more energy and vitality
- take on a more active lifestyle
- find forms of exercise you feel comfortable with
- have a healthy relationship with food
- have more confidence and find your strengths
- use mindfulness techniques to find inner peace
- relearn how to relax and feel good in your own skin

Working method

Coaching involves charting your current situation, exploring your wants and needs, determining your goals and considering the necessary actions. This way, we create a fully personalized program that will motivate you to achieve the desired changes and celebrate your success!


A first coaching session takes about one and a half hour and is 60 euro. We explore your question and possible solutions.
Sessions 2, 3 and 4 take one hour and are 50 euro per session. You determine how much time we leave between sessions (maximum 4 weeks).
For session 5 and any following (if needed), we meet for half an hour to evaluate your progress and to adjust where needed. This is 25 euro per session.

You can decide to stop the program at any time.


Swedish relaxation massage:

  • full body: 75 minutes: 60 euro
  • back, neck, shoulders: 40 minutes: 40 euro
  • legs and feet: 40 minutes: 40 euro

Chair massage:

  • massage of back, neck and shoulders while seated on an ergonomic chair. No oils are used as the massage is performed on the clothes. Classic massage techniques are combined with pressure points.
    30 minutes: 30 euro.


Appointments take place in my practice (Keienveld 22, Huldenberg). Coaching sessions via Skype or Facetime are also possible.

Contact me

For all enquiries, you can contact me at info@innerlijkerust.be or +32 (0)479 37 49 62.